Grow Your Impact Grant

Greater Grand Island Community Foundation offers a Capacity Building Grant program designed to strengthen nonprofit organizational effectiveness in the Hall County area. Requests are sought in the fall of each year. Grants will be provided for up to $10,000 as recommended by the Foundation Distribution Committee and approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Grant Eligibility 

Greater Grand Island Community Foundation awards grants to both private and public organizations. To be eligible for a Capacity Building grant, organizations must fit within the following parameters:

  • Organizations classified as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Organizations applying may only receive a capacity-building grant every three calendar years
  • If prior funding has been received, a final grant evaluation must be completed and accepted before applying for additional funding.
  • Greater Grand Island Community Foundation serves the greater Grand Island area. Excepting when extraordinary circumstances apply, only programs and projects in Hall County will be considered for support


Grants for the following purposes will NOT be considered:

  • To individuals
  • Religious or political purposes
  • Endowments, capital campaigns, annual fund drives, vehicles, furniture, ongoing operational or program delivery costs, consumable supplies, or food/beverages for meetings or events
  • In limited circumstances, staff salaries may be considered eligible if:
    a. the organization can show how an existing or temporary staff member will devote specific time to achieving the capacity building project in a similar way to a consultant and
    b.  the organization can demonstrate financial need to offset other support for that staff member – for example, that that staff member is usually funded by a restricted source that will not pay for the time to engage in this capacity-building project.
  • Salaries to carry out existing, new, or increased program delivery and operational activities are not eligible.
  • Fundraising event sponsorships or creation of fundraising event collateral materials
  • Request for additional funding for projects that have already been approved and funded
  • Individual conference registrations without a comprehensive dissemination plan
  • Incomplete requests
  • Completed projects or proposals that have begun implementation
  • Feasibility Studies

 Grants for the following purposes will be considered:

  • Board training and education to strengthen and enhance the organization's governance through training or assistance from an expert in the field. A project outline of deliverables is required as part of the application.
  • Critical equipment
  • Staff training to enhance governance, management, program delivery
  • Strategic planning and visioning for the future of the organization
  • Technology/software upgrades, networking, websites
  • Enable organizations to merge operations and programming to ensure sustainability
  • Other assessment, consulting, or facilitation that improves an identified area of organizational capacity

 The Grow Your Impact Grant is open on September 1st and closes on November 1st at 4 pm.


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