Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds are established by individuals, businesses, or organizations to provide financial assistance and support to individuals in their pursuit of higher education.

What is a Scholarship Account?
Scholarships and educational grants are one of the finest ways a person can extend a portion of their estate, be it large or modest, encourage young people in their pursuit of education. Oftentimes, the encouragement is just what it takes to keep a young person educationally motivated. New scholarship accounts must be established by October each year.

Can donors establish guidelines for their scholarship?
Yes. Donors specify the criteria for selection (traditional, non-traditional, field of study, financial need, academic performance).

Who will review scholarship applications?
Volunteer committees review scholarships and may include one donor from the fund.

How does the scholarship process work?

Scholarship applications are completed online. Our staff assists guidance counselors, students, parents, and organizations.

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