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Our Grant Cycle is Changing!

In our ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency, fairness, and impact of our grant process, we're making some positive changes. Starting January 1st, we're transitioning away from our bi-annual grant cycles to a more flexible and responsive system.

What's new:

  • Grant cycles will now operate on a rolling deadline, with reviews and funding decisions made quarterly.
  • The following grants are included in this new cycle: Greater Impact, STOP Trafficking on the Plains, and Harold R. Dunlap.
  • Before you begin your grant application, you must connect with a Program Officer to obtain a unique code.
  • Organizations can receive funding once every 12 months. If you've been previously funded, completion and acceptance of a final grant evaluation are required before applying for additional funding.

A note on eligibility:

  • The Greater Grand Island Community Foundation primarily supports programs and projects in the greater Grand Island area, particularly in Hall County.
  • Requests should align with the specific initiatives outlined in each grant category.