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New Fund Opens to Assist in Citizenship Fees for Immigrants

The Greater Grand Island Community Foundation and the Multicultural Coalition come together to bring a fund assisting with fees immigrants face while working towards citizenship. The Khadija Abdudaim Citizenship Assistance Fund, also referred to as the Diam Fund, offers financial assistance to immigrants wishing to or currently in the process of gaining US citizenship.

                The fund was started by a Grand Island family to honor Khadija Abdudaim, who was a Sudanese woman the family helped tutor to gain her U.S. citizenship. Abdudaim's dream was to become a U.S. Citizen where she could enjoy freedom, increased safety and the opportunity to participate in an election where she can cast her vote. Abdudaim quickly became a friend to Zac and Sarah Griess and their family during her process of citizenship. The family started the fund in hopes to help other immigrants, like Abdudaim, become U.S. Citizens by offering financial assistance.

“The Daim Fund supports citizenship and citizenship impacts individuals in areas of life that US born citizens tend to take for granted; the right to vote, a sense of belonging, taking pride in and investment in our country, and a place of permanency in which to build a life. And that benefits not just the individuals seeking citizenship, but the entire community.”, says Sarah Griess, one of the fund’s founders. 

The Daim fund was set up as a donor advised fund at the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation while partnering with the Multicultural Coalition to assist in distributing the fund. The fund will help pay the $725 application fee that immigrants must pay.

                “Investing in citizenship is investing in the American Dream”, says Audrey Lutz, Executive Director of the Multicultural Coalition. “New citizens earn on average 8 to 11 percent more income annually than their non-citizen counterparts. The DAIM Fund creates a legacy where immigrants are able to be successful and truly embrace their new country as home.”

                For more information about the Khadija Abdudaim Citizenship Assistance Fund or to learn about ways to give visit