Nonprofit Excellence Institute

What is Nonprofit Excellence Institute (NEI)?

NEI is a year-long capacity building program for regional nonprofit organizations.

How does the program work?

Executive Directors meet monthly with a facilitator from Mission Matters, a group of professional advisors who provide capacity building training and coaching. 

Quarterly board leaders join the executive directors for sessions designed to engage the board in capacity building for their organizations. 

Please see the application for the exact 2021/2022 meeting dates.

NEI will take your organization from good to great!

The Greater Grand Island Community Foundation's mission is to support local community groups and address the changing needs of Grand Island and nearby areas. The goals of NEI (Nonprofit Effectiveness Institute) are: 

  • Supporting Sustainability:  Provide resources to organizations to help them become more sustainable and prepare nonprofit leaders for future success. 

  • Program Development:  Assist organizations in creating and assessing their programs. 

  • Identifying Critical Needs:  Help organizations identify their most crucial needs and develop practical solutions. 

  • Encouraging Collaboration:  Foster collaboration among nonprofits to build resources and avoid duplicating services in the community. 

  • Training Opportunities:  Offer regional nonprofit organizations valuable training without the usual associated costs. A nominal fee applies to organizations outside of Hall County. 

Upon completing NEI, Hall County nonprofits may qualify for a grant of up to $5,000 from the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation to further enhance their capacity. Regional nonprofits can also receive grants from local community foundations, including Merrick Foundation, Hamilton County Community Foundation, Hastings Community Foundation, and Kearney Area Community Foundation, who have partnered with the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation to provide capacity-building grants for their local nonprofits. 


What are the requirements for organizations to participate in NEI?

  • 501(c)(3) status
  • Paid executive director or CEO
  • Been in existence for at least four years
  • History of a sound financial position
  • Strategic plan or plan of work in place
  • Executive director and board members who are committed to attending the required sessions
  • Nonprofit organizations outside of Hall County will have a fee associated with the program please contact GGICF for further inquiry 

Will this be worth your time?

"Nonprofit Excellence not only impacts our current organization in a positive way, but it also allows the executive directors and board members to share their knowledge with other organizations it may serve in the future, creating a network of strong nonprofits and an overall stronger community. One of the most impactful ways NEI has strengthened our organization is by providing best-practice framework for the board and executive director relationship. This has allowed us to be more efficient and productive with our time and strengthened our partnership. I believe this will continue to be impactful as we focus our time and energy on building the capacity to serve our community better. In the end, it’s not only the organization that is impacted but the people we serve. The opportunity has allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and I believe the benefits will be evident for many years to come.” – Liz Mayfield, Executive Director, Hope Harbor (Class 2)

NEI is currently not accepting new participants

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