How to Receive Your Scholarship

Grand Island Community Foundation scholarships are awarded in the spring (mid April) of each year. Checks are sent to respective colleges early August.

Scholarship Recipient Requirements

To receive your scholarship:

  • Student must return a completed scholarship acceptance form.
  • You must provide the Grand Island Community Foundation with written proof of enrollment in an accredited college.
  • Student must provide the address of the college's Financial Aid Office.
  • Student must provide Foundation with proof of enrollment for each semester to receive the second half of scholarship.


Submitting Your Information

Please log into your scholarship portal that you created for your application and complete the assigned follow up forms.

This acceptance form MUST be SIGNED in the system and a PERSONAL THANK YOU NOTE for DONOR returned to Grand Island Community Foundation by April 30, 2019.

Please mail or deliver to:

Grand Island Community Foundation, 1811 W 2nd St, Suite 365, Grand Island, NE 68803


Please contact with any questions.