Stop Trafficking on the Plains


Grant Requirements and Eligibility 

The Stop Trafficking on the Plains (STOP) Fund at the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation is designed to address unmet charitable needs and unique program opportunities that create, educate, and assist with solutions to eliminate trafficking in the Greater Grand Island area, primarily Hall County. The Foundation reviews requests and awards grants up to $5,000 based on the project and the availability of funds. It is strongly recommended that before beginning a grant application, you contact the Foundation staff to discuss your organization and the program and/or project for which you are seeking funding.

Grant Eligibility 

The STOP Fund awards grants to both private and public organizations. To be eligible for a grant, organizations must be classified as either a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service or as a governmental agency. Organizations may only apply once per 12 month period and, if prior funding has been received, a final grant evaluation must be completed and accepted before applying for any additional funding. The STOP Fund serves the Greater Grand Island area: Hall, Hamilton, Howard, Merrick, and Adam counties are eligible, preference will be given to Hall County.

Requests must fall into one of the initiatives below, please reach out if you are unsure the project/program fits within the intent of the fund.

  • Education and Prevention - These grants should focus on preventing new victims through education and increased awareness of trafficking.
  • Justice - Protocols, screening tools, creating and enforcing laws that prosecute, incarcerate, and/or deter criminals and protect victims.
  • Support/Treatment - Restoration, rehabilitation, and healing trauma from trafficking. Basic needs; housing, medical, counseling, social, or cognitive therapy. Programs to help address substance abuse.

Grants for the following purposes will NOT be considered:

  • To individuals
  • Religious or political purposes
  • Endowments, capital campaigns (unless with special exception), or annual fund drives
  • Fundraising event sponsorships or creation of fundraising event collateral materials
  • Programs that create an indefinite, long-term commitment by the STOP Fund or Greater Grand Island Community Foundation
  • Requests for additional funding for projects that have already been approved or funded
  • For ongoing projects or programs, applicants must address funding for maintenance and operations
  • Incomplete requests

Preference will be given to programs that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Reach a broad segment of the community 
  • Assist those whose needs are not being adequately met by existing services
  • Promote cooperation among organizations and are developed in consultation with other groups
  • Improve the organization's effectiveness
  • Encourage sustainability of the grantee through matching gifts and funding from other sources
  • Promote accessibility of programs and services to include underserved and underrepresented populations
  • Show financial and/or in-kind support from multiple sources. 
  • NOTE: Requests to entirely fund projects or programs are rarely funded by the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation

This grant cycle accepts applications throughout the year starting January 1st, 2024. Applications will be reviewed quarterly.


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