How it Works

The community foundation concept is straightforward. It allows anyone to give back to the community by donating assets. These donations can create various funds to support your charitable goals. The Greater Grand Island Community Foundation provides a range of planned giving options tailored to your preferences. 

You can establish a fund to honor a loved one or mark a special occasion. Your gift can be directed towards specific issues or broad community needs. However you choose to give, your contribution can make a positive impact on lives, both now and in the future. 

We have professionals who handle asset investment and management, and our board consists of local residents who understand the community's needs. Our staff is ready to assist you in creating a gift that aligns with your goals. We offer you the ability and flexibility in charitable giving without the legal paperwork, time commitment, and expenses associated with managing a private foundation. 

We can help you set up a fund that not only maximizes your tax benefits but also ensures a lasting impact on the community, today and for generations to come. 



Turning Passion into Purpose.