DAF Recommendation Form

If you wish to make more than one recommendation, please complete an additional form.

Fund Information

** Please note the following IRS exclusions for use through a Donor Advised Fund:

  1. To fulfill a financial pledge
  2. To provide a gift to an individual(s)
  3. A meal at a fundraising event, paid for by grant funds, being provided to an interested party
  4. Priority seating or priority parking, etc., being provided to an interested party as a result of a grant from this fund
  5. Receiving goods or items through activities such as auctions or silent auctions

I hereby certify that the recommendation is not for any of the following purposes and agree that if a “more than incidental benefit” is later received, I agree to waive/return the benefit.

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By pressing submit below I certify that the foregoing recommendation will not result in a “more than incidental benefit,” whether directly or indirectly, to: (1) the Fund donor, (2) Fund advisor, (3) a family member to either 1 or 2, or (4) a 35 percent (or more) donor, advisor or family member controlled entity.

I understand that the final discretion concerning the expenditure of such funds must be exercised by the Foundation.