Superheroes Unite!

The Central Nebraska Humane Society (CNHS) is in the middle of a push toward a facility improvement and staff increase fund-raising goal of $450,000, and the agency needs super heroes around the area to answer the call and fly to the rescue!

In 2013, concerned CNHS board members Jill Hornady, Randy Gard, and Roger Bullington pooled their resources to establish the Central Nebraska Humane Society fund here at Grand Island Community Foundation, with the goal of raising the funds to finance such physical plant improvements as, among many others, the replacement of the building's HVAC system (including Micro Air Fresh systems), remediation of mold  issues throughout  the ten-year-old facility, renovation of the surgical area, and new X-ray and ultrasound equipment. A complete list of facility needs and plans can be found at  The Society Website also carries a copy of the campaign brochure for full-color impact of images and information.

In addition, the increase in numbers of animals taken in/cared for necessitates an increase in the number of staff members available to serve the community's needs. A portion of the funds raised, then, will be used to help bring in an outreach/social media director, a front desk manager, animal care technicians, adoption specialists, and a part-time vet tech.

The need for heroic support from the community, say CNHS board members, stems from the ever-increasing need to care for abandoned, neglected, and abused animals, and limits on local government mean that taxpayer dollars only cover animal control. Though any gift is welcome and appreciated, says CNHS board member Jill Hornady, there are several levels of giving from which interested donors may choose: Heroic Hamster ($20-$249); Daredevil Duck ($250-$999); Thunder Bunny ($1,000-$4,999); Captain Kitty ($5,000-$9,999); Mighty Mouse ($10,000-$49,999); and Wonder Dog ($50,000-$100,000).

For more information, please feel free to call Jill Hornady at 308-383-1491 or contact her by e-mail at

In order to donate to the campaign to revitalize the Central Nebraska Humane Society, click HERE to go to Grand Island Community Foundation's online donation portal. 

Choose today as the day you shed your mild-mannered alter ego and become a super hero!