Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

Kay Carpenter Award


2018 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner -  (left) Tom Dinsdale, Kay Carpenter- Guidance Counselor at Centura Public Schools pictured with Kim West Dinsdale (Right).

  • 2018 Kay Carpenter, Centura Public Schools, Guidance Counselor 
  • 2017: Tracy Morrow, West Lawn Elementary (4th and 5th grade Newcomers) and Cathy Howard, Grand Island Central Catholic (English/journalism) 
  • 2016: Wendy Heider, Trinity Lutheran School (4th Grade)
  • 2015: Jerome Dubas, Grand Island Senior High, (Art) and Kirk Ramsey, Barr Middle School (Guidance Counselor)
  • 2014: Nancy Chavez, Seedling Mile Elementary (4th Grade)
  • 2013: Christa Speed, Grand Island Public Schools (Orchestra and Band)
  • 2012: Karen Gruener, Cedar Hollow School (2nd Grade)
  • 2011: Tess Westover, Howard Elementary School (2nd Grade)
  • 2010: Pat Kayl, Grand Island Central Catholic (Science)
  • 2009: Michella Honas, Grand Island Senior High School (Special Education)
  • 2008: David Sackschewsky, Grand Island Northwest High School (Music)
  • 2007: Mary Ann Richards, Walnut Middle School (Guidance Counselor)
  • 2006: Kay Janzen, Grand Island Central Catholic (Math)
  • 2005: Brandi Anderson, Grand Island Senior High School (E.S.L.)